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This is my advice and experience on how I deal with lack of motivation during the process of making art, and How I turn it around and bring out more productive energy the moment I feel like putting things off.

You gotta remember what you are passionate about. Why do you love what you do.. and if you don’t, then your in the wrong business.

Causing Heart Attacks on photoshop

Graffiti inside a Las Vegas Casino

So last week I went down to go meet up with the creative director for the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum over at the Venetian. This museum is where they have all the wax scultures of celebrities. So there is a section for the Marvel comics superheroes sculptures in which they also have a 4D theatre. It seems like they are still under construction on some areas, so they asked if I can paint a graffiti mural on a wall where they are putting a spiderman sculture.

So here’s a quick rendering made for them. The idea is to make a scene of an urban city back alley for the spiderman. Now that is a cool graff related project! It’s all going to be done in spraycans :)



What amazes me the most is the fact that the museum and Marvel are asking for a graffiti mural to be done. Wow isn’t that just ideal for any graff writer to be called and get hired to paint a cool theme for high-end clients. This is not my first time doing projects like this, last time Puma hired me to graffiti up an automotive shop for a private corporate event that they were hosting down here in Las Vegas.

Believe me, it is possible to make money from graffiti and spray-can skills. That is what I have been doing for a long time now and I think is time for me to share what I have learned through out these years with others.

I want to not only teach graffiti as an art form and share my techniques but I also want to share with you that you can also make some cash from painting walls without vandalizing or doing illegal painting. I just want to flip the idea of something that has been categorized as negative into something positive and beneficial in a way that art impacts us.

I made this page where I explain better the idea and I hope it takes off because illegal graffiti is a big national problem and society needs a positive solutions like these to be spread. I call this solution, Ethical Graffiti!

Find out more at EthicalGraffiti.com

EthicalGraffiti.com ..go to this link above my profile #EGI


Follow my boy @madneon7 ..he’s dropping some fresh work everyday #drawnuary #2014 #drawing #challenge

Best thing about web design..You can work from the cloud …literally in the #clouds …get it?? #computerTerminology #WebDesign #nerdJoke (at Panama City Tocumen International AirPort)

Final development project… This one will define whether I graduate or not ..wish me luck #webDesign #webDevelopment #UI #UX #webApplication #php #javascript #angularJS

My birthday is coming in a week and this is what I want.. Any donations?? 😻😉 #cintiq24hdTouch #wacom

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Oh what a beautiful morning to paint…. It’s going down!!! #graffiti #mural #home #painting #art #artistic

iPad as your portfolio with Behance App.


Whenever I’m out in public or even going to art events, I would always grab my backpack and take a my portfolio with me just in case I ever bump into someone who’s interested in seeing my artwork. This is something I would also do when going out to meet up with a client. But this was back then, nowadays I have been using my iPad as a substitute to my physical portfolio book just because it’s easier to add pictures via the computer and I don’t need to deal with printing.

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I finally had the chance to play with the Jot Touch on the iPad.. It is awesome yet it doesn’t come close to the cintiq’s natural feel. Regardless it is a great alternative for on the go sketching and conceptualizing ideas. I used the Procreate app for this one which is the closest to how photoshop works on desktop. I have to admit that this stylus is Amazing!!! #adonit #jot #jottouch #procreate #ipad #ipadmini

Let’s just start!!

Welcome to My Blog! 

It’s been a long time coming, but finally I’m going now live in action! 

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Airbrush an Awesome T-shirt Design Step by Step


In this tutorial I will show you my process on how I usually airbrush a mascot on a black t-shirt.

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